A million trees give central Dubai a 40-mile Green Spine

Urb is on a mission to remake Dubai’s landscape into a lush paradise. Following its proposals for the Dubai Mangroves and Dubai Reefs projects, the firm’s new Green Spine envisions transforming a highway in the region with trams, park areas, farms, and the planting of more than one million trees.

Assuming for the moment that it actually goes ahead, the Green Spine will have a length of 64 km (almost 40 miles) and will be centered around Dubai’s Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road, which is a major highway in the area.

The road will be joined by a gigantic solar panel array that will provide electricity to run an electric tram system, with enough power remaining to meet the electricity needs of approximately 130,000 homes. Bioswales (channels to control stormwater) will also be installed to help capture and manage rainwater and greywater, which is definitely a hot topic in Dubai at the moment following the recent devastating floods there.

The Green Spine will have a length of 64 km (almost 40 miles)


Those million-plus trees mentioned will be spread over parks, gardens and urban farms that produce fruit and vegetables. Additionally, the Green Spine will feature a number of playgrounds, outdoor fitness areas, and dedicated sports facilities. Cycling is also a focus, as are footpaths and even High Line-style elevated park areas are planned. There will also be retail areas, including food stores.

“By integrating a comprehensive network of green pathways, pedestrian routes, and cycling tracks, the Green Spine enhances urban connectivity, making it feasible for residents to reach essential services and leisure areas quickly and conveniently,” explains Urb. “This initiative not only promotes a healthier, more active lifestyle but also significantly reduces the need for vehicular travel, thus lowering urban traffic and its associated environmental impacts. The Green Spine’s role in this broader urban planning framework showcases its commitment to creating a more accessible, efficient, and environmentally friendly city.”

It’s a massive multi-year project and the idea is for the Green Spine to be created as part of the larger Dubai 2040 plan to improve the city’s sustainability and quality of life, though we’ve no word yet on when it can be expected to be completed.

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