How to Reset Treadmills: Simple Methods for Every Model

How to reset a treadmill depends on the make and model.

Like any machine, a treadmill might need to be reset once in a while. If the electronic components of your treadmill aren’t working properly or you recently performed some maintenance on it, it might be time to reset it.

Learn how to reset a treadmill by finding the brand of your machine below. No matter your make or model, it should be a relatively quick process. You can also consult your treadmill owner’s manual for in-depth instructions.


Never stand on your treadmill’s belt while resetting the treadmill. Resetting may cause the belt to start and stop automatically, which can lead to injury.

How to Reset a Treadmill by Brand

If you’re having an issue with your Bowflex treadmill, unplug the machine for 3 to 5 minutes, then reconnect it to power, according to Bowflex’s user manual.

To reset a Bowflex treadmill to factory settings:

  • Hold down the Pause/Stop button and decrease speed button at the same time for 3 seconds while in the Power-Up Mode to access the Machine Settings Mode.
  • Press the right button until you see the Reset Console No prompt.
  • Use the increase or decrease button to select the Reset Console Yes option, and push Enter.
  • Turn the machine off when you see the prompt Power Cycle Now.

Start by inserting the key into the console and selecting the main menu, according to the FreeMotion user’s manual. Draw a square clockwise on the screen to access the settings main menu. Then select maintenance mode, where you can update firmware or calibrate the incline of your treadmill.

To calibrate your treadmill, press the reset key, according to the Life Fitness user’s manual. When the screen is blank, press and hold the pause button until Diagnostics appears. Use the arrow buttons to scroll through the menu until you see Calibration (or Calib), then press enter to select. Press the start key, and the treadmill will reset. Press the reset key three times to exit calibration mode.

You can also search Life Fitness’s documentation database for instructions for your specific treadmill model.

Turn off the power to your treadmill. Locate a small pinhole, usually on the side or back of the treadmill console, and insert the end of a paper clip. Press and hold the paper clip while another person turns the power back on. Once the treadmill screen turns back on, remove the paper clip. Your treadmill should reboot in up to 30 minutes, according to NordicTrack.

Tap the time on the top right corner of your treadmill’s touchscreen and select Settings from the dropdown menu. Then select Device Settings and System. Select Factory Data Reset and then Reset Tablet. Select Erase Everything. Once your treadmill resets, sign back in and enter your four-digit passcode, according to Peloton.

The steps to reset your ProForm treadmill depend on the make and model, but generally, as previously reported, involve the following:

  • Grab a partner, this requires two people.
  • Turn the power off.
  • Locate the reset button on the right side of the console. It’s a very small hole.
  • Insert the end of a paperclip into the console hole and hold the reset button down.
  • Have your partner flip the power switch on.
  • Keep holding the reset button down until the console comes on.

Consult the user manual for your Reebok treadmill model in Reebok’s database of treadmill support manuals to determine how to reset your machine.

To reset the control board of your Sunny treadmill, follow these steps:

  • Remove the motor cover. Turn off the treadmill and unplug it.
  • Disconnect the red and black motor wires from the control board.
  • Flip the power switch from off to on five times.
  • Reconnect the red and black motor wires to the control board.
  • Reconnect the treadmill to power.


Regular maintenance keeps your treadmill running well for many years.

Always consult the user manual for your make, model, and brand of treadmill. If you didn’t save the paper copy, you may be able to find PDF versions you can download on the manufacturer’s website. Follow the instructions carefully to avoid damaging the machine or hurting yourself. Never stand on the treadmill belt while you’re resetting it.

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