What happened on Love Island last night? Episode 37 recap

If you missed Love Island’s most recent episode, RadioTimes.com has got you covered with the latest gossip, recouplings and funny moments.

Read on to find out everything that went down on Love Island summer 2024 last night.

What happened on Love Island last night? Episode 37 recap – Uma and Wil left the villa

It was time for newcomers Reuben and Josh to get their graft on as they got to know the other Islanders, and it was clear who they had their eyes on immediately.

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Josh got to know Mimii, and things got fairly steamy when they went to the Hideaway to learn more about one another. As the pair chatted, it was clear sparks were flying – and soon their conversation moved to the jacuzzi.

Talking soon subsided as the pair shared a kiss! Speaking in the Hideaway later on, Mimii gushed: “I am too stunned to speak right now… I’m very much blushing, to say the least.”

But it wasn’t only Mimii who caught Josh’s eye, as Grace made a move on the bombshell, expressing her interest in getting to know him after she shut things down with Blade.

Elsewhere, Reuben got to know Uma and the flirt was well and truly on, with the new bombshell telling Uma: “It’s refreshing, seeing someone with the personality to match the looks as well.”

Uma on Love Island. ITV

But all of this flirting came to a head when Reuben and Josh were told they had to couple up with another Islander. Josh chose first and coupled up with Mimii, who was already single due to Ayo recoupling with Jess S in Casa Amor.

Then it was time for Reuben to pick – and things took a turn. The new bombshell opted to couple up with Uma, who tearily stood next to him. With tensions at an all-time high, Wil received a text that revealed he had been dumped.

After the news became clear, Uma said: “I’m gonna leave, sorry. I’m not staying here without him.” Plenty of tears were shed, but Uma remained firm in her decision and indeed left the villa with Wil.

Speaking of her exit, Uma said: “It’s a bittersweet feeling. I made such amazing friendships in the villa that it started to feel like home. I’m happy to be leaving as I wouldn’t have wanted to stay and not be genuine to myself and my feelings for Wil.”

What happened on Love Island last night? Episode 36 recap – Josh and Reuben entered the villa

Following the intense Love Island Film Festival, Uma and Matilda headed to the daybeds for a debrief on the night’s revelations.

Uma admitted: “I’m so embarrassed, I really thought he was a different person…:

Matilda agreed and said: “Yeah what we saw was really sh**, but the way they’ve handled it has made it ten times worse.”

Recalling the tapes of Wil getting to know Jessy, Uma became emotional: “For you to sit there and be like, ‘Oh yeah that’s my perfect type, that’s actually quite upsetting for me to hear.”

The following day, Konnor wanted to get some answers from Emma about their relationship and it may not have been the response he was hoping for.

Konnor said: “I don’t know if I overthink things, but sometimes I feel like I’ll come over and I’ll see what you’re doing but sometimes I feel like maybe you don’t come over and see where I am…”

Emma answered: “You’re right, probably I’m not being the same way back, I don’t know… I probably am just being a bit of a slow burner with it…”

Emma on Love Island. She is having a conversation and is mid-speaking.

Emma on Love Island. ITV

Having had time to think about the situation, later that evening Emma sat down on the daybeds with Grace and Matilda and confided in them about how she was feeling.

Emma revealed: “I feel like I’ve given it a go with Konnor now.. don’t get me wrong the chats are so nice, he’s a lovely person, we are never short of anything to talk about ever but the spark isn’t there. There’s no sexual chemistry, I don’t wanna kiss him, I’m not finding myself gravitating towards him…”

Elsewhere, Mimii, Jessy and Uma headed out of the villa to meet the two new bombshells!

As Reuben revealed he is bilingual and whipped out his best Spanish ordering skills, Josh makes a beeline for Mimii and said: “I feel like what you bring is exactly what I’m looking for and it’s been kind of hard for me to see what’s been going on with your situation because I know you deserve better than that.”

Confiding in the girls back at the villa post date, Uma exclaimed: “Revenge is sweet! That’s exactly what I needed to remind me who I am.”

What happened on Love Island last night? Episode 35 recap – The Love Island Film Festival spilled home truths

The tapes were rolled at the Love Island Film Festival and no stone was left unturned. The villa was treated to the likes of The Mat-Hil-Da’s Have Eyes and Wild Wil West and Es-Sex and The City, and first up was Joey.

Grace was unimpressed with Joey’s antics when the clip revealed he had been telling her and Jessy different things about the other.

“Bore off man,” she told him, to which Joey replied: “You bore off man! What are you even doing here anymore?”

As the pair continued to bicker, Joey told Grace: “Shut your mouth!”

They weren’t the only pair to have a heated discussion, with Uma being left in tears after seeing what Wil got up to in Casa Amor.

After the clips showed Wil kissing bombshell Lucy and asking how she’d feel if he coupled up with her, Uma told Wil he embarrassed her and branded him a “loser”.

But Wil hit back and said: “I wanted to do it”.

Ayo, Joey and Wil. Ayo is smiling while Joey has his head placed on his arm resting on Wil as Wil looks across, biting his lip.

Ayo, Joey and Wil on Love Island. ITV

All eyes were also on Matilda and Sean, whose connection took a hit after Sean’s antics in Casa Amor.

In the clip From Dusk Til Sean, Matilda and the other Islanders were left shocked when he told bombshell Diamanté that she was his “priority”.

Afterwards, Matilda told Sean: “For me, to the boys I made it clear that you were still my priority full stop.”

“No, you actually got closed down by Hugo,” Sean retorted. “If he’d have carried on with you, it would’ve been a different story.”

But Matilda was not having it, as she hit back: “He didn’t shut it down, I had two conversations with Hugo that’s what happened, so shut up. You’re in the wrong and I’m not.”

After the events of Movie Night, Love Island had one more trick up its sleeve as the Islanders were told to return to their seats once more.

In a state of confusion, the Islanders watched on as clips of their couples flashed up on screen, before they received a text that the public had been voting for the most compatible couple.

In a brutal fashion, another text arrived and revealed that Ellie and Trey were the couple who received the fewest votes and were therefore dumped from the villa.

What happened on Love Island last night? Episode 33 recap – Lucy and Diamanté spill the tea

The fallout from the Casa Amor recoupling continued last night on Love Island as Uma and Matilda were pulled out of the villa for a catch up with Diamanté and Lucy.

Lucy revealed what really went down in Casa Amor with Wil and how he’d told Lucy that she was his usual type and that he had more of a connection with her than he did with Uma.

Uma said in response: “I feel like a bit of a mug.”

Meanwhile, Diamanté also spilled the tea to Matilda about Sean, telling her that he was very dismissive of her in Casa Amor.

“He’s had me and Ruby on the go, but he did also mention that I was his priority,” Diamanté told her.

Later on in the episode, Uma challenged Wil about his actions in Casa Amor, telling him the comment he made to Lucy about having a better connection with her “makes me feel so insecure”.

When Wil told Uma that she could have done the same, Uma said: “I’m sure you would have been hurt hearing that I’d come back and done that with someone.”

Wil then told Uma they’re not in a relationship, to which she responded: “I’m hurt you’ve hurt my feelings that’s why I’m reacting like this.”

Elsewhere last night, Ayo tried to keep things open with Mimii and told her he did miss her in Casa Amor.

“You didn’t pass the test. You failed miserably,” she responded, before continuing: “I’m laughing like it’s funny but it’s not. I was really upset with the situation. I couldn’t even face anyone.”

What happened on Love Island last night? Episode 32 recap – Casa Amor recoupling

When viewers saw Love Island would be one hour and 20 minutes last night, they were filled with excitement and nerves over what could take place…

Maya Jama entered the main villa and revealed that it was time for the Islanders to decide whether they’d like to stick with their current partner or recouple with one of the Casa Amor bombshells.

Up first was Konnor, who made the decision recouple with Emma Milton. All eyes were then on Grace, who brought back Blade Siddiqi to the villa.

There were plenty of other warm reunions, with Ciaran and Nicole’s seeing Maya Jama tear up as well as Jessy and Joey staying true to one another.

Maya Jama wiping away a tear in the Love Island villa. She is wearing a red dress, with a fire like cut out around her shoulders.

Maya Jama. ITV

But this is a Casa Amor recoupling, so there was plenty of tension to come. Sweet salesman Sean was asked whether or not he wanted to stick or twist and ultimately chose to remain in a couple with Matilda – leaving bombshells Ruby and Diamanté shocked by his decision.

When asked how she felt about the recoupling, Diamanté said: “It’s a bit weird how you can tell someone they’re your priority, and this is how you treat your priority,” before Matilda replied, “Well, you’re not sat here babe.”

“You can have him,” Diamanté said. “He’s just going to do the same to you.” Awkward!

Elsewhere, Trey chose to recouple with Ellie Jackson and Jess with Hugo Godfroy.

But all eyes were on Ayo, as he was chosen last to make his decision. Leaving the girls shocked, Ayo chose to recouple with Jess Spencer and were devastated to see Mimii entering the villa alone.

What happened on Love Island last night? Episode 31 recap – Jess and Matilda clash as Casa Amor continues

Casa Amor is in full swing and as the Islanders continue to get to know the bombshells, things have gotten steamy!

Over in the main villa, Sean got to know Diamanté and the pair even shared a kiss, but that didn’t go down well with Ruby, who also has her eye on Sean.

Ruby told Sean she wasn’t prepared to be in a love triangle and while he attempted to reassure her, it was his wandering eye that left her displeased.

Elsewhere, Wil took Lucy to the hideaway and admitted he felt a connection between the two of them.

Lucy replied: “Obviously I’ve not had a lot of time with you, I don’t think we’ve forced anything, though…”

Wil agreed and said: “No it’s just flowed, hasn’t it? You’ve made your intentions clear, but I like that. It’s nice to know.”

Wil smiling as he looks across at someone. He is wearing a green plaid shirt and a white t-shirt.

Wil Anderson on Love Island. ITV

Lucy wasn’t the only one being taken on a tour of the villa, as Ayo took Jess to the terrace! The pair shared a passionate kiss as they got to know each other, but with Mimii remaining faithful in Casa Amor, how will she react?

Over at Casa, Moziah and Grace were mid conversation when Blade approached to pull her for a chat.

Annoyed by the interruption, Moziah aired his feelings to Blade later on. He said: “You obviously know how I feel about Grace. Do you think that doing that at that moment was even the right thing to do at any level bro?”

Blade asked: “Am I just meant to sit here and just watch you chat to her all night?”

But it appeared Grace had her eyes on Moziah, as the pair shared a kiss in the bedroom.

The fun and games soon came to an end when the Islanders found out they would have to take part in a recoupling, set to air in tonight’s episode (Thursday 4th Jul)!

What happened on Love Island last night? Episode 30 recap – Raunchy Races pits Casa Amor against the main villa

Ciaran sits on an outdoor sofa at the Love Island villa

Ciaran in Love Island. ITV

Last night’s episode of Love Island saw the main villa and Casa Amor go head-to-head in a game of Raunchy Races to win a party that night.

Via a series of text messages, the Islanders were sent challenges, with the villa who completed it the fastest earning a point.

The first challenge was for the tallest boy to kiss the girls he fancies most, with Ayo running over to kiss Jessica.

As the girls discovered the main villa had won, they were told Ayo had kissed someone called Jessica, leaving Mimii upset as she admitted: “I feel sick.”

But things only went from bad to worse for Mimii, as another text dared the boy first in the alphabet to snog the sexist girl from head to toe.

Ayo once again raced over to Jessica, beating out Casa Amor, and leaving Mimii devastated.

Elsewhere in the challenge, Ciaran jumped at the opportunity to kiss bombshell Emma Milton.

A text then broke the news to Ciaran’s partner Nicole that he’d snogged someone called Emma, with her angrily asking: “Who is Emma?”

Uh oh…

What happened on Love Island last night? Episode 29 recap – Casa girls arrive at the main villa

The drama continued on Monday night’s (1st July) episode of Love Island as the Casa girls arrived in the main villa.

In a shock twist, it became apparent that bombshell Ellie knew Ciaran as she greeted him by saying: “Hello, stranger.”

Later, he confided that: “I think I slid into her DMs.”

Meanwhile, Ayo looked to be seriously tempted away from his current partner Mimii by newcomer Jessica, and told her that she has a “pretty face” and is “causing problems”.

Later on in the episode he told Jessica: “I’m here to find what I’m looking for, and you’re here now and she’s over there.”

In other news, Joey Essex also came face to face with another of his exes –Emma Milton – while Wil’s head also seemed to be turning as he expressed interest in Lucy despite being coupled up with Uma.

Uma, of course, was none the wiser and could be seen pining after Will in Casa Amor as she asked her fellow singletons: “Where’s my Wil?”…

What happened on Love Island last night? Episode 28 recap – Casa Amor delivers the drama

Grace Jackson on Love Island, wearing a pink bikini with a dark green lining. Her hair is in a ponytail and it is resting on her shoulder.

Grace Jackson on Love Island.

The shock exits of Ronnie and Harriett continued to send shockwaves through the villa at the start of last night’s episode, with some Islanders questioning why Grace and Konnor hadn’t been voted out given that they’re in a friendship couple.

Grace then broke down over Joey following his decision to move on to bombshell Jessy.

“It’s so hurtful. I feel like I am being strong about it. But when I was in bed I could hear his voice. And they’re literally kissing in bed and stuff,” she said.

Later, Grace had a chat with Joey and told him she didn’t think he was acting respectfully towards her even though he promised he would. “Your words and your actions have no alignment,” she said.

Later, Grace’s words seemed to get under Jessy’s skin as she expressed her doubts to Joey about his commitment to her.

“It’s very different between you and me compared to Samantha and Grace,” he tried to reassure her, to which Jessy responded: “But then it could be different with the next one.”

The girls were then taken out of the villa for cocktails only to find out they wouldn’t be returning at all that night because six new boys were waiting for them at Casa Amor – Blade, Joel, Jake, Lionel, Moziah and Hugo.

As the girls then arrived at the villa, a game of truth or dare ensued, with newcomer Blade picking Grace, Uma and Matilda to kiss after being tasked with choosing the three Islanders he fancies the most.

Meanwhile, the boys also met six new faces – Diamanté, Lucy, Ellie, Jessica, Ruby and Emma…

What happened on Love Island last night? Episode 26 recap – Elimination sends shockwaves through the villa

Grace and Joey’s relationship hit the rocks after she discovered he had secretly snogged Jessy on the terrace the night before.

However, while their relationship went up in flames, another blossomed, with Nicole and Ciaran professing their feelings for one another.

There was more drama as Konnor received a text, telling the Islanders to gather around the fire pit, where the results of the latest public vote were announced.

With the newest couples – Jessy and Joey, and Trey and Jess – were exempt from the vote, Uma and Wil, Grace and Konnor and Harriett and Ronnie were all at risk of being dumped.

But it was Harriett and Ronnie who received the fewest votes – and were immediately dumped from the island…

What happened on Love Island last night? Episode 25 recap – Joey secretly kisses bombshell Jessy

Grace and Joey looking at each other in the middle of a conversation, turned to one another with smiles.

Grace Jackson and Joey Essex on Love Island. ITV/Love Island

The fallout from Ciaran and Harriett’s argument during the recent game of Never Have I Ever continued last night, with Harriett breaking down over his savage remarks about being the last one to be chosen on three occasions.

“It’s so embarrassing,” Harriett said, as she was comforted in the dressing room by Matilda and Grace Jackson.

Meanwhile, Ciaran insisted he had done nothing wrong.

Later on in the episode, Joey and Jessy went for a chat after she stole chose him for a date earlier this week.

“I can’t deny it. I’m going with my heart, it’s true feelings. I just feel like I’m in my rights to be in here and explore. I ain’t in a relationship,” he told her.

He added: “I’ve not really had this with anyone. This flowing conversation. I feel like I’ve enjoyed this conversation too much. With me and Grace, we’re close.

“We actually get on, there’s real feelings there, all that. But it would be silly to just close things off. I want to get to know you more. That date last night was literally the best date. Would you like to go on another date?”

Joey then broke the news to Grace that he wanted to explore things with Jessy, but she wasn’t having any of it.

“It’s just difficult for me to sit here and be like ‘you know what you do what you need to do’,” she said. “If you feel like you need to explore something with someone else, I’ll just sit here and wait. I’m not gonna do that, Joey.”

However, the conversation ended on a high, with Joey kissing Grace.

The Islanders were then treated to a surprise performance from US rapper Eve, who banged out some of her biggest tracks for the couples, including the iconic Who’s That Girl.

The contestant’s happiness was short-lived, however, as they were told to gather round the fire pit for a shock recouping.

After Jessy chose Joey, Grace realised he must have been entertaining her and told him she wasn’t going to be involved in a love triangle.

As Grace continued to fume, Joey and Jessy sneaked off to the terrace, where they shared a kiss as the episode came to a close.

What happened on Love Island last night? Episode 24 recap – The new bombshells got to know the Islanders

Newcomers Trey Norman and Jessy Potts took Jess and Joey on a date as they got to know one another.

Popping a bottle of fizz, Trey wasted no time in getting to know Jess. Trey said: “Talk to me about your time in the Villa so far. What is it you want?

Jess replied: “You, I think…I think my prayers have been answered.”

Meanwhile, Jessy was keen to know more about Joey’s journey so far and asked about his “situation”.

“We are sort of, not in a couple but we’re still into each other but it would be fair to say that both of us are willing to explore,” he said.

Jessy asked: “So, you are not closed off?”, to which Joey replied: “I don’t really know…”

Later on in the episode, the Islanders played a game of never have I ever and for some, home truths were delivered.

Uma read out: “Never have I ever been two-faced about someone in this Villa”, and the mood took a swift change in direction.

Ciaran then called out Harriett for being “two faced”, noting that she told Nicole to be careful with Ciaran but told him he is “so good” to Nicole.

The mood soured in the villa as Harriett retorted: “Honestly, you’re so immature it’s actually embarrassing.”

Ciaran then hit back with a comment at Harriett, which left her in tears…

What happened on Love Island last night? Episode 23 recap – The heart rate challenge returned

After Konnor’s decision to couple up with Grace, her head was left spinning.

Pulling each other for a chat, Grace said: “I know we spoke earlier, obviously, after the recoupling, which was really intense.”

Konnor replied: “Yeah, I wanted to come over and give you reasonings as you probably feel a little bit like, ‘Why has Konnor picked me?’ I understand and that I want to tell you my reasonings.

“No one’s told me they are closed off. You haven’t told me you are closed off…”

Grace said: “I get that, but this whole closed-off thing, on the outside you wouldn’t be like, are we closed off? Actions speak a lot louder than words.”

Konnor then told Grace how he was feeling and said: “Because you and Joey already know each other and you’ve had this holiday romance, and then in my head, it didn’t work the first time, what’s different this time? Is it another holiday romance?”

Konnor and Grace sat outside in the villa, looking at each other and having a conversation.

Konnor and Grace on Love Island. ITV

Elsewhere, it was the return of the iconic heart rate challenge last night, in which the islanders had to put on a performance like no other to get their fellow contestants’ hearts racing the most.

The girls were up first, followed by the boys, and the islanders were left shocked when the results were revealed after everyone had their go.

The results of the challenge are as follows:

Jess and Harriet’s hearts were raced the most by Ronnie, while his was highest for Jess. Grace’s rose for Ayo, Nicole for Ciaran, Matilda for Sean, Uma for Wil and Mimii for Konnor.

When it came to the boys, Ayo’s heart rate was raised the most by Mimii, Joey for Nicole, Ciaran for Grace, Konnor for Matilda, Sean for Jess and Wil for Uma.

Following the results of the challenge, it was then revealed that two new bombshells – Trey and Jessy – would be entering the villa, and they’re taking Jess and Joey out on a date!

What happened on Love Island last night? Episode 22 recap – Konnor makes a shock decision

Once Tiffany was dumped from the villa, Ronnie wasted no time in resuming his connection with Harriett, leaving Jess confused with where she stood.

Speaking to Uma, Jess said: “I’ll be completely honest, straight away… there was a potential that I would be willing to explore something… the fact that like she’s been straight away buzzing, he will see that, he doesn’t need to put any effort in.

“Even if it’s that, he’s doing it because he doesn’t think the door is open with me, it’s giving that you are a bit desperate…”

Jess and Ronnie sat opposite from one another on a chair in the villa.

Jess and Ronnie on Love Island. ITV

Elsewhere in the episode, it was time for another recoupling and this time, bombshells Matilda and Konnor got first pick.

There was a major shake-up in the couples after Konnor decided to couple up with Grace! This left singletons Jess and Joey forced to couple up, as Matilda picked Sean.

After the events of the day, Sean took Matilda to the terrace and said: “You actually look amazing. I’m serious, you look beautiful. I’m so happy you’ve come through the door and I feel like I’m on the right track of something special.”

The pair then shared a kiss and Sean announced it to the villa, shouting from the rooftops!

What happened on Love Island last night? Episode 21 recap – Two Islanders are dumped from the villa

Just when the Islanders thought they were safe for another day, Maya Jama enters the villa and delivers the news that the public have been voting for their favourite couple.

As she strutted into the Villa, Maya told the Islanders: “Hello my loves. Did you miss me? Can you meet me by the firepit please? Well, I didn’t come just to get all of the tea. I’ve got some very important news. The public have been voting for their favourite couple. The couple with the fewest votes are at risk of being dumped from the Island.”

Safe from being dumped from the islander were Nicole and Ciaran, Mimii and Ayo and and Harriett and Sean, meaning that Ronnie and Tiffany, Grace and Joey, Jess and Omar, and Uma and Wil were all at risk of being dumped.

The safe Islanders were then given the tough decision of choosing to dump one boy and one girl from the villa and in the end, they chose Tiffany and Omar, marking an end to their Love Island journey.

Elsewhere in the episode, Ciaran wasn’t too pleased with Sean’s reasoning for wanting to dump Omar and things got a bit heated between the two…

What happened on Love Island last night? Episode 19 recap – Tensions bubble over

Last night’s game certainly got people talking, with Harriett in particular holding no punches against Ronnie and Tiffany.

Clearly feeling hurt to have been dropped so quickly by Ron, Harriett voted them the most likely to split up, and while reflecting on her decision with the girls, brandished Ronnie an actor.

Ronnie and Tiffany were sitting within earshot and the former went to confront Harriett, who surprisingly didn’t really know what to say for once.

The new couple tried to move on with the night, but Harriett tried to talk to Ronnie, who refused.

Eyes then turned on Sean, who grabbed Matilda for a chat in the Hideaway, taking her away from her chat with Omar (which ruffled a few of the girl’s feathers).

Sean laid it on factor 50 and tried to go in for a kiss, but Matilda insisted it was too soon and they were enjoying getting to know each other. They ended by reassuring each other they wouldn’t call it a pie (but it was sort of, wasn’t it?!).

As the islanders went to bed, Uma and Will finally shared their first kiss as their relationship continued to blossom.

The next day, Omar and Sean had a chat about Sean’s Hideaway actions and cleared the air – right before Omar headed to graft with Matilda, and the pair seem to be getting on well.

Mimii and Ayo finally sat down to talk about the elephant in the room after he chose to kiss Uma for the other person he had the most sexual connection with.

It became clear that Ayo didn’t think he was in the wrong, but Mimii argued her case, and our fave couple are back on track.

Joey and Grace spoke about whether they’re closed off or not, and while it’s progressing the right way, Joey wondered if there was a slight confrontation on the horizon with Omar, who definitely fancies Grace. “I hate snakes”, Joey exclaimed…

Meanwhile, Tiffany opened up to Jess about her relationship with Ronnie, and admitted she’s not sure it’s really going anywhere fast, and while they get on, is that enough to form a meaningful connection?

But with Maya looming in Sunday’s episode, will any decisions be taken out of their hands?

What happened on Love Island last night? Episode 18 recap – The islanders play a game

Much to the surprise of the villa, newcomers Connor and Matilda sat down for three tasty courses with the islanders.

Konnor chose Grace for his starter, Nicole for his main and Mimii for the dessert, while Matilda selected Omar for her starter, Sean for her main and Wil for dessert.

Hoping to deliver a sweet main course, Sean said to Matilda: “I’ve got this thing, right, where I pick people’s sweets based on what they look like… I’m getting some good vibes…”

Matilda said: “I am telling you my sweet in my head.” When Sean guessed watermelon slice, Matilda replied: “That’s the only one I wanted you to call me!”

The pair continued to get to know each other as the evening continued… has Sean finally found the girl of his sweet dreams?

Sean and Matilda sat across from each other, looking into each others eyes in the middle of the Love Island villa garden

Matilda and Sean. ITV/Love Island

Later on, the islanders gathered around the fire pit for a game which involved passing dare cards along the line using just their mouths. The person who dropped the card had to do the dare.

During the game, Tiffany picked a dare card and read, “Other than your partner, snog the islander you fancy the most,” and she chose Sean!

Meanwhile, Harriett served some home truths when she was dared to “give a high-five to the couple you don’t think will last outside of the villa”, and she picked Ronnie and Tiffany.


What happened on Love Island last night? Episode 17 recap – Two new bombshells enter villa

Ronnie continued to cause chaos during Wednesday’s episode as he kept going back and forth between Tiffany and Harriett and refusing to make up his mind.

“Everything works out, doesn’t it?” he told Tiffany in a chat at the beginning of the episode following Tuesday’s recoupling.

He then had a chat with Harriett and told her he wasn’t happy Sean had stolen his girl.

“I feel like I’m getting on with Tiffany. Obviously, I’m still getting on with you. I’m going to sleep on it tonight,” he said.

However, later on in the episode, Tiffany was left upset after discovering that Ronnie had told Harriett that Sean had stolen his girl.

Confronting Ronnie about giving her mixed messages, Tiffany told him: “I was under the impression you wanted to focus on me.”

He responded, “I want to just focus on you,” to which Harriet said, “I feel like she’s not really under that impression.”

After that discussion, Ronnie did as he was told and broke the news to Harriett that he wants to just focus on Tiffany, leaving her in tears.

And the drama didn’t end there, as the islanders received a text telling them that two more people were entering the villa.

The two new bombshells, Matilda Draper and Konnor Ewudzi, each picked three islanders to cook for them on a date.

Matilda chose Omar to make her starter, Sean for her main course, and Wil to prepare dessert, while Konnor asked Grace to make the starter, Nicole to prepare the main, and Mimii to make his dessert.

Could a double dumping be on the cards following their arrival? Fans will have to wait and see.

What happened on Love Island last night? Episode 16 recap – An Islander dumped from the villa

The drama continued on Love Island on Tuesday night, as Joey pulled Samantha for a chat and told her that he’s going to stay in the Hideaway with Grace that night so that they could sleep in the same bed rather than separately.

Samantha said: “That’s fine… I’ve seen you kissing over there before… bit out of order, don’t you think? I’ve just been crying in their two hours ago and then you are kissing on the daybed.”

Later, she told the camera: “It was a bit of a double smack in the face. It’s bothering me but I’m just like ‘crack on’.”

Meanwhile, Harriett had some stern words for Ronnie over the situation with Tiffany, reminding him he’d only known the new bombshell for a day and asking him to be “respectful”.

Tiffany and Ronnie, laughing and smiling ahead. Tiffany is wearing a strapless pink dress while Ronnie is wearing a black shirt and has his arms folded.

Tiffany and Ronnie on Love Island. ITV/Love Island

But her efforts were to no avail as later in the episode, when Tiffany pulled Ronnie for a chat and asked him where his head was at, he responded: “I’m just drawing towards you.”

Later on in the episode, the Islanders were asked to gather round the fire pit for a surprise recoupling.

The three new bombshells were given first pick, with Wil picking Uma, Grace choosing Joey and Tiffany choosing Ronnie.

Meanwhile, Ayo stayed with Mimii, Ciaran picked Nicole, Sean chose Harriett, and Omar picked Jess.

After no one chose to couple up with Samantha, it was time for her to leave the villa.

She said ahead of her exit: “I’m not stupid. I literally didn’t give anyone else a chance other than Joey, but at the end of the day it is what it is.

“I think what’s next for me is I’m gonna get myself to London, definitely want to move down there, so I can find my little cockney fella because the one that was in there wasn’t for me!”

What happened on Love Island last night? Episode 15 recap – Ciaran and Nicole are on the rocks

As the night fell, Ciaran made a confession to Nicole about a comment he made during the game of beer pong the night before.

Speaking to Nicole, Ciaran admitted: “You know after you kissed, well I may have made a comment in passing… Omar asked me ‘if you were going to choose who would it have been instead of kissing Jess’… I said Grace.”

When Nicole asked why he’d say something like that, Ciaran explained that it was “out of pettiness” as Nicole had kissed Wil during the challenge.

But Nicole was not having it and said: “I don’t know what to say… crack on with her.”

However after some time in the doghouse, Nicole came round and the pair made up the following evening.

Ciaran and Nicole on Love Island, looking shocked and unimpressed a something in front of them. Nicole is wearing a cross-wrap top while Ciaran is wearing a white and green polo.

Ciaran and Nicole on Love Island. ITV/Love Island

Elsewhere, the sleepover came to an end for the Islanders and they had to return to the main villa. As they returned, the Islanders revealed what they got up to, with Tiffany telling the girls that she and Ronnie kissed.

But for viewers, all eyes were on Joey and Samantha. As the day went on, Samantha went to the terrace and began to cry as she was comforted by Jess.

Later on in the evening, Joey and Samantha had a conversation in which the make-up artist said she felt embarrassed by Joey’s behaviour.

After their conversation, Joey went to speak to Grace and said he didn’t want to sleep on the daybeds with her as their attention turned to the Hideaway…

What happened on Love Island last night? Episode 14 recap – Casa Amor reopens

Following the arrival of Grace, Samantha became unsure of where she stood with Joey and after his decision to kiss Grace during beer pong, Samantha had enough.

Later that night, Samantha decided to sleep on the day beds and when asked for her explanation, she said: “I just want to back off now because you and her have got something good. I’m bot bothered, I want you and her to rekindle.”

Despite Joey trying to reassure her, Samantha isn’t having any of it and rightly so as Joey later told Grace he and Samantha were just friends…

Joey Essex standing up by the fire pit, with his hands stretched outwards. He is wearing a black shirt and is looking across at someone.

Joey Essex in the villa. ITV/Love Island

As the episode continued, Grace received a text that read: “Grace, Tiffany and Wil, it’s time to pack a bag and get ready for a night away with an Islander of your choice.”

Wil chose Uma, Tiffany chose Ronnie and Grace chose Joey, and off they went! As those in the separate villa began to get to know one another without being under the watchful eye of the main villa, Joey and Grace rekindled their connection.

The pair shared a kiss in the pool and, later, elsewhere in the villa…

What happened on Love Island last night? Episode 12 recap – The new bombshells make themselves at home in the villa

The results of the recoupling sent ripples through the villa as the Islanders reflected on Jess choosing Sean and Harriett choosing Ronnie.

The girls sat down to clear the air as Harriett felt Jess’s speech was directed at her.

“I’m a very direct person, I’m very straight up,” said Jess, as Harriett noted she was too.

Jess replied: “But I don’t think you are in certain situations…I think you keep a lot of things to yourself and that’s fine if that’s the way you are. We have got very different personalities and we’re direct in different ways so let’s just leave it at that.”

Harriet said: “What I’m saying is, I feel like you act in a certain way and say it’s not a dig at me…”

Joey then interjected and said: “You are both just very different people…if he does start cracking on with Harriet though what are you gonna do?”

Later on in the episode, the Islanders were treated to a special brunch but they were rocked when three new bombshells entered the villa.

As the bombshells entered, Joey was particularly shocked and said: “Oh my God,” admitting he used to date one of them.

As the girls get to know Tiffany and Grace, Nicole asked Grace: “So how do you know Joey then?”

Grace explained: “So, we met last year in Ibiza and it’s actually funny because he’s not my type at all. We had a bit of a holiday romance. It carried on when we were back home. It was quite intense. We were seeing each other for a few months. It kind of ended a little bit frosty to be honest and we’ve not really spoken since.”

With Joey coupled up with Samantha, how will she deal with this new addition to the villa?

What happened on Love Island last night? Episode 11 recap – Surprise recoupling and new bombshells

Love Island shocked viewers with another recoupling twist last night (Thursday 13th June).

The episode began with Joey Essex and Samantha Kenny sharing their first date.

But as they returned, Nicole Samuel received a text telling everyone to get ready for another recoupling ceremony.

This time around, the girls were given the power to pick, and Nicole opted to stay with Ciaran.

Uma, Samantha and Mimii also remained with their coupling and stayed with Omar, Ayo and Joey, respectively.

Jess then opted to recouple with Sean after deciding Ronnie had treated her badly, leaving Harriett with the opportunity to couple up with Ronnie.

But it looks like there could be more drama around the corner as the end of the episode teased the entrance of three new bombshells during Friday’s instalment (14th June).

What happened on Love Island last night? Episode 10 recap – Shock double dumping rocks the villa

There was drama as Ronnie continued to explore his connections with Jess and Harriett, and ultimately failed to choose between the pair.

The footballer promised Jess that he hadn’t told Harriett he was thinking about her in bed – despite doing exactly that the night before.

“I want times and dates of when you’re going to make your decision,” Jess then told him. “I need to know tomorrow.”

Ayo looking at Uma, smiling. He is wearing a white shirt and has a microphone around his neck. The back of Uma's head can be seen.

Ayo on Love Island. ITV/Love Island

But her efforts to be strict were to no avail, as Ronnie later sat down with Harriett and told her he still hadn’t made a decision.

“You two have both got good qualities I like,” he said, before continuing: “I think I’ve kissed you the most.”

There was also more love triangle drama between Mimii, Ayo and Uma, as Ayo continued exploring his connections with both girls.

At the end of the episode, the contestants gathered around the firepit, where they were told that the public have been voting for their favourite couple.

After it was announced that Munveer, Patsy, Uma, Omar, Harriett and Sean had received the fewest votes from the public, it was up to the safe couples to decide who should be given the boot.

The cast ultimately picked Munveer and Patsy to leave the villa, and they became the second and third contestants to be dumped from the show.

What happened on Love Island last night? Episode 9 recap – Ayo, Mimii and Uma assess their love triangle

It was time for Mimii and Omar to make their decisions and reveal which islanders they wanted to steal.

Mimii decided to couple up with Ayo, while Omar chose Uma, who was less than impressed with the decision and stormed off after all was revealed.

However, the rest of the islanders rallied round Mimii, who praised her for making the right decision.

Later on, Uma and Mimii pulled Ayo for a chat to assess their love triangle, but it only pulled Mimii and Ayo closer – as they then shared a kiss on the terrace as they continued to get to know each other.

The next day, the islanders took on their first challenge of the run. In the challenge ‘On Job’, the girls had to step up to the desk and pick a green and a red folder.

The green folder contained “a saucy sex position” of which they had to perform with a boy of their choice, followed by a red folder containing a negative statement which they had to match up to the boy it best related to.

Patsy, Jess, Uma and Nicole in white shirts and glasses, laughing ahead.

Patsy, Jess, Uma and Nicole. ITV/Love Island

Ronnie proved to be a popular pick with the girls and was given several red folders.

Mimii chose Ronnie for “violation in the workplace” for flirting with Harriett in front of Jess, and Jess also picked Ronnie for “inappropriate behaviour” and said his recoupling speech was a joke.

Later that evening, Harriett confided in Patsy that she felt she was getting mixed messages from Ronnie.

“He’s half coupled up with me, half coupled up with Jess,” she told Patsy. “He’s taken me to the Hideaway… why has he done all of this stuff if he is not decided? You don’t say to someone you are thinking of them in bed all night. Why is he doing all of this?”

Harriett was faced with a predicament as she felt her heart was telling her to go for Ronnie but her head told her not to.

What happened on Love Island last night? Episode 8 recap – Ronnie and Harriett crack on

The games continued on Love Island last night but one Islander was left unimpressed by their partner’s antics. As Joey had to do a dare, he took a while to decide which girl to kiss, which annoyed Samantha.

Cracks were beginning to show when Samantha wanted to gain clarity on her connection with Joey.

Samantha asked: “I’m not being funny or nothing but you are Joey Essex so I know what girls are like, do you know what I mean. They’re going to go, ‘Oh Joey Essex is in there’ so they’re going to be like, ‘Right, let’s get on Joey Essex.'”

Unsure of what to make of Samantha’s observation, Joey looked confused and told Samantha: “If someone is with me for that reason, because I’m Joey Essex, that’s not for me, I promise you, that is not for me.”

Harriett and Ronnie walking across the garden. Harriett is wearing a red two-piece and is smiling as she bites her nail while Ronnie is facing down and has his hands in his pockets.

Harriett and Ronnie on Love Island. ITV/Love Island

Elsewhere in the episode, Ronnie pulled Harriett for a chat but it didn’t end well for him and Jess as he took Harriett to the Hideaway.

In the Hideaway, the pair reflected on the challenge in which they shared a kiss and, as they reminisced, they shared a few more!

Meanwhile, Jess told Patsy: “I tell you what though, if he does kiss her…”

But little did she know – he did! After finding out the truth from Ronnie, Jess walked off and was consoled by Patsy and Samantha as Harriett went to plead her case.

Towards the end of the episode, Mimii and Omar had a tough decision to make. As the only single Islanders left in the villa, the pair were instructed to either couple up with one another or steal another Islander.

After much discussion, they decided to pick the latter option, leaving the Islanders shocked by their decision…

What happened on Love Island last night? Episode 7 recap – Omar arrives and dates Mimii

After the events of the recoupling, Mimii was left single, but Love Island had a much-welcomed twist up its sleeve as new boy Omar was waiting outside the villa to take her on a date!

The pair hit it off instantly when Omar revealed he is a PE teacher, to which Mimii said: “Are you? So, you’re good with kids?

Omar replied, to Mimii’s delight: “Listen, I’ve been building myself up for the future so I can be a real great dad.”

As the pair continued to get to know one another, sparks were flying!

Mimii and Omar on Love Island 2024. They are walking into the villa, smiling to either side.

Mimii and Omar on Love Island 2024. ITV/Love Island

Elsewhere, Jess was left frustrated with Ronnie’s choice of words during his recoupling speech, in which he noted he was very much open to getting to know another Islander.

Despite apologising to Jess, Ronnie was still keen on getting to know Harriett.

Speaking to the dancer, Ronnie said: “Everything I said was honest – it just came out wrong. I do think there is something there from when we’ve spoke. I do want to see what’s happening with that.”

However, not everyone was in the dog house as Nicole and Ciaran went on their first date! During their date, the chat turned to family and Nicole asked: “Do you think your mam would like me?”

Ciaran responded: “I think you’d get along really well, yeah definitely. She said to me before coming here, ‘You better get a Welsh a girl’. She’ll be landed now.”

What happened on Love Island last night? Episode 5 recap – First recoupling and another new bombshell

Ciaran has been caught in something of a love triangle between Harriett and Nicole so far, and on Friday’s episode, Joey revealed to Harriett that he had made clear to the boys that he preferred Nicole.

Ciaran was then forced to admit this to Harriett, but didn’t seem best pleased with Joey for telling her first – claiming that he had been going to do so anyway.

Harriett herself was also clearly upset by Ciaran’s behaviour and confronted him, with the girls divided over her actions and Patsy and Jess clashing as a result.

However, things weren’t all bad for Harriett, with Sean asking her for a chat at the fire pit and making his interest in her clear, telling her that she’s “looking like a mermaid” and that she might “need some Aquaman to come and save you”.

Nicole and Ciaran on Love Island. They are sitting down and smiling.

Nicole and Ciaran on Love Island. ITV

But later, Harriett confesses to Joey that she actually now has her eyes on someone else: Ronnie.

Towards the end of the episode, Uma received a text explaining that there was to be a recoupling and that she would pick first – with the latest arrival choosing to couple-up with Ayo.

Then it was over to the boys to choose, with Ronnie and Joey both opting to stay with their partners Jess and Samantha respectively. Following his earlier comments, Ciaran unsurprisingly chose Nicole, with Sean then deciding to couple up with Harriett.

That just left Munveer, who chose to couple up with Patsy, meaning that the only person left not in a couple was Mimii.

But it turned out not to be the end of her Love Island journey – as she then received a text revealing that she’d have a chance to go on a date with another new arrival, named Omar…

What happened on Love Island last night? Episode 4 recap – Nicole and Ciaran clash

Following on from Wednesday night’s cliffhanger, bombshell Uma got to know Ayo and Joey in the hideaway.

As each boy got to know Uma, the girls in the villa weren’t too impressed, especially when Joey began doubting his connection with Samantha.

Joey then told the boys: “The whole time I’ve been here, I’ve been very transparent. I’m keeping my options open and talking to everyone.

“Obviously, I’m coupled up with Samantha, but this always happens. I’m really trying my best here to not dive in deep and it’s still happening.”

Joey and Samantha walking across the garden in the Love Island villa. Samantha has her arms folded and is smiling while Joey is turned towards her.

Joey and Samantha. ITV/Love Island

Ciaran then asked Joey: “Do you think that’s a bit of an eye-opener though? If it’s like this now, what could it be like in a week in here?”

Elsewhere in the villa, Ciaran began getting to know Nicole but found himself torn as he is coupled up with Harriett.

While having a chat in the garden, Ciaran told Nicole: “I want to kiss you right now.”

Conscious that Harriett was in the garden, Nicole replied: “It’s so hard, isn’t it? We can’t, we’ve got to behave.”

But misbehaviour followed when Ciaran revealed he kissed Harriett in bed the following night, leaving Nicole shocked and frustrated with both him and Harriett.

What happened on Love Island last night? Episode 3 recap – Bombshell Uma makes her move

Ayo and Mimii grew closer on last night’s episode of Love Island as they made their way to the terrace for a chat.

“I think after today everything has been put in perspective for a few people, especially for me anyway, you know what the score is,” Ayo told Mimii.

When asked what “the score” is, Ayo asked to show her something before pulling her into a kiss.

However, things didn’t remain too harmonious for long when a twist was introduced the following night.

After the Islanders got ready for the evening, Jess received a text that read: “Girls. It’s time for a game. Blindfold your boy. Line them up by the pool and then head to the terrace. #nopeeping”

As the boys lined up by the pool, they were blind folded by the girls who then headed to the terrace. They were soon caught off guard when bombshell Uma Jammeh stepped into the villa and kissed each of the boys!

Love Island contestant Uma walking into the villa. She is wearing a white dress and is looking sideways.

Love Island contestant Uma. ITV/Love Island

As the girls watched on, they were in disbelief, especially when Uma took Ayo into the hideaway…

Elsewhere in the episode, Patsy opened up to Munveer about her disability. The pair began talking and Patsy explained there was something she wanted to bring up.

Patsy said: “I’ve got a disability, basically. I haven’t said anything to anyone yet because it’s an awkward thing to bring up. It’s a disability in my arm – I’ve got no strength, anything above shoulder height I can’t lift.’

Munveer offered his help and said if she needs any support he would be there for her.

“I really appreciate you sharing that with me,” he said.

What happened on Love Island last night? Episode 2 recap – Joey Essex chooses which girl to couple up with

Joey Essex meets a group of female contestants on Love Island 2024

Joey Essex meets the girls of Love Island 2024. ITV

Following Joey’s shock arrival on Monday night’s episode, Tuesday’s instalment saw the celebrity tasked with kissing three Islanders of his choice.

There was drama as Joey chose Samantha, Harriett and Nicole to kiss, and tensions only rose later in the evening as the Islanders gathered round the fire pit only for Joey to receive a text telling him to choose which girl he’d like to couple up with.

In the end, he “stole” Samantha from her couple, leaving Sam single and therefore dumped from the island.

A teaser for Wednesday then showed Joey flirting with another girl in the Hideaway as well as a new girl setting foot in the villa…

What happened on Love Island last night? Episode 1 recap – Joey Essex enters the villa

In groups of two and three, the islanders entered the villa and kicked off their summer of love by getting to know one another.

Nicole Samuel and Ayo Odukoya were the first islanders to enter the villa, followed by Jess White, Sean Stone and Sam Taylor.

Up next were Mimii Ngulube and Samantha Kenny, who began getting to know their fellow islanders with a glass of fizz.

Patsy Field, Ronnie Vint and Ciaran Davies then arrived before being followed by the final two, Munveer Jabbal and Harriett Blackmore.

As they began discussing their types and relationship histories, Maya Jama made her entrance and delivered the first twist of the season.

Maya Jama and the islanders on Love Island. The islanders are all in swimwear and are sat around the fire pit as they look up at Maya who is stood up.

Maya Jama and the islanders. ITV/Love Island

The glamorous host split the group into boys and girls and asked each of them to rate the other group in order of who they thought came across as the most like boyfriend and girlfriend material.

For the girls, Mimii came in first place while Harriett was in last, and for the boys, Ciaran found himself in last place and Munveer came out at the top of the line. And thus, the couples were formed!

Maya said: “Well, that was very interesting. I bet you’re wondering how we’re going to couple you up. Well, you’ve done it yourselves!”

However, as the islanders began getting to know each other, it appeared that Ayo and Mimii were getting along much better than their original pairs.

Later on in the episode, Maya returned to the villa and asked the islanders to gather around the fire pit as they were introduced to a brand new bombshell… Joey Essex!!

As ever, the episode was left on a cliffhanger, and viewers will have to tune into tonight’s (Tuesday 4th June) episode to find out what happens next.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX.

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