Windsible puts a miniature functional wind tunnel on your desktop

Ever wonder how effectively your model cars would slice through the air if they were full-scale functional automobiles? Well, a little something known as the Windsible could tell ya (sort of), as it’s touted as being the world’s first consumer desktop wind tunnel.

Currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign, the Windsible is manufactured by Hong Kong startup Fun-Tech-Lab. It’s being offered in three sizes, designed for use with 1:18, 1:24 and 1:64-scale cars, respectively.

Users start by powering the thing up, after which they place an included “fog” cartridge in one end of the device, put their model car in the clear-doored display compartment, then hit the Start button. That button is also used to dial up the desired scale wind speed, which tops out at 260 mph (418 km/h).

Parallel trails of fog proceed to flow out of the cartridge, around the car, and into a filter at the far end of the Windsible. LEDs within the display compartment help users see how the contours of the car affect the way in which the fog (and thus the air) moves past it.

Its makers claim that the Windsible is quiet while in use


The fog is produced by an included oil, which users periodically add to the cartridge as it runs out. We’re still waiting to hear back about what that oil is, but the company claims that the fog it produces is non-toxic. The one included bottle should reportedly be good for about 300 minutes of usage. We’re also waiting to hear how much refill bottles will cost, although it sounds like the e-liquid used in e-cigarettes and vape rigs may work as a substitute.

Of course, not everyone is into model cars.

That said, some backers have stated that they plan on using the device to teach students about aerodynamics, or to test 3D-printed miniature models of body kits, etc that they plan on building full-scale for their real-world vehicles. Fun-Tech-Lab does admit, however, that such a small wind tunnel may not be that accurate at replicating larger-scale wind flow.

A tail light on the Windsible illuminates when the device is powered up
A tail light on the Windsible illuminates when the device is powered up


Pledges for the three sizes of Windsible start at US$239, $159 and and $99, respectively. Assuming they reach production, their retail prices will be $429, $309 and $239. A larger model may be offered down the road.

You can see the device in action, in the video below.

Windsible: Desktop Wind Tunnel for Your Diecast Cars Models

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